Albany Environmental Residential Pest Control

Living in a central London environment from time to time it is likely that a pest species will enter your home. Recent surveys show that the rodent population in the UK has increased a worrying 34% since 1993. With current climate changes London is prone to ever increasing infestation levels from all types of pests. Albany can provide the rapid response you need should you find pests harbouring in your home.

We guarantee a same day response. Our lines are open 24 hours a day.

On arrival our technicians will carry out an in depth inspection of your property. They will locate the source of the problem then carry out the required treatment to bring the infestation quickly under control.

All our rodenticides are placed in tamper resistant bait stations for safety, eliminating the risk of accidental poisoning. All insecticides are cleared for use by professional operators under COSHH guidelines.

Please advise our office staff if you have pets. Our technicians can advise of any required precautions. Health and safety data is provided on completion of all treatments along with our detailed treatment report explaining the works we have carried out and if additional treatments are required.

Albany has recently implemented a revolutionary reporting system. Our technicians use the latest technology “Mobile Forms” on their Ipads allowing for quick reporting and turn around of the job.  As soon as you digitally sign our reports they are immediately e-mailed to our offices and digitally held on your client account, as well as a copy emailed to your email address. The two main benefits of this system are that we are able to forward copies of a report to any where in the world within seconds of the complete treatment, many clients who work away from the site at which we are carrying out works are already reaping the benefit of this technology. The other benefit is that we have reduced our paper usage by half eliminating the need for carbonated reports. This is obviously far more environmentally pleasing and reduces the time spent retrieving old archived copied reports should our clients require them post works. We guarantee a same day response.

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