Albany Environmental Ranger Product

Albany Rangers, the solution for rodent risk reduction, has been designed and tested in the field by our experienced pest management staff. They can capture up to two mice, and keep them secure and isolated, efficiently and safely.

Just like the Rangers they are always on guard protecting your premises against invasive mice.

The Ranger was specifically created to add value to clients service where even the risk of one mouse is unacceptable.

As the Ranger unit can stand alone or be used as apart of a more structured pest management process, its use enhances any current service, taking it to the next level. With our qualified technicians, it can safely and tactfully be introduced and removed from your premises.

Continued maintenance provides the Rangers performance and will ensure continuous protection, no batteries to replace or other components to break down. No electrical waste to record and better for the environment.

The Ranger provides enhanced compliance for your Health & Safety and all Due Diligence protocols.

Monitoring, managing and controlling 24/7 for mice within your premises.

Super efficient, twice as effective, for use in sensitive areas, organic sites, and food production sections.
Enhances the use of behavioural control of the mice, unique discreet grey colour and unobtrusive. It’s unique design provides protection without interruption advanced design and aesthetic lines blends into most premises.

Ranger pest control 1
Ranger pest control 2
Ranger pest control 3