Pest Control for Pigeons in London

Albany Pest Control technicians understand the habits of each species of pigeon and also have a powerful range of pest control techniques to deal with most pigeons. Albany provide the reassurance that the pigeon problem has been fully dealt with, and offer a call-out service to deal with pigeons and other pest control problems in the home, gardens and offices.

Albany Pest Control offer professional pest control services to eliminate the presence of feral pigeons (columba livia) roosting and perching on buildings. Wherever pigeons establish themselves they accumulate droppings and nesting materials. Pigeon fouling makes buildings look dirty and shabby, and causes corrosion of mortar and masonry. In wet weather especially, droppings make pavements dangerously slippery, which can cause injuries to staff, clients and the general public.

Without pigeon pest control, pigeons pose a very real threat to the people living or working in an local community. Pigeons not only introduce a variety of flies, textile pests and parasites, which cause damage and distress, they can also carry bacteria and viruses, which can be transmitted to humans.

The three most common methods of pest control for pigeons are anti-perching systems. These include netting, the spring and wire system and spikes.

Around the perimeter of the area to be netted , we install Hilti 32448 hanger eyebolt fixings. Through the eyebolts 2mm diameter, galvanised steel straining wire is then threaded and tensioned by means of 150mm drop forged steel barrel tensioners. This provides a tight wire line close to the wall, to which the net is attached by means of Bostich steeless steel 316 grade hog rings.

The spring & wire system consists of slim marine grade (BS316) stainless steel pins drilled into the surface material and fitted with a water excluding plug. Suspended between each pin is a 0.45mm marine grade, braided stainless steel sprung wire, which does not harm the birds but does prevent them from landing.

The spikes are a system of vertical wires set in a polyethylene base, which is glued to the surface with an adhesive specifically designed for the job, avoiding the need for drilling into surfaces.

In addition to the above pest control systems for pigeons, we also carry out flock reduction treatments using a variety of methods, more details would be explained after a thorough inspection by one of our surveyors.

A programme of bird proofing work can significantly reduce the high cost of cleaning and redecoration minimising the health and safety risk for you and your clients.

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