Albany Environmental Genus CobraĀ Product

Using patented Translucent Technologyā„¢, GenusĀ® Cobra produces faster flying insect catch when compared against other non-translucent fly traps of a similar power.
Translucent Technologyā„¢ coupled with internal reflector panels enhances UVA output, enabling GenusĀ® Cobra to catch more flies, faster. Easy servicing and low running costs add value throughout the supply chain and an IP45 rated jet-proof option is available for wet, damp or wash down areas.

Pioneering ILT harnessing Translucent Technologyā„¢ for faster fly catch

  • Translucent Technologyā„¢ catches more flies, faster
  • Quick release front cover for fast & easy servicing
  • Optional IP45 rated unit for use in wet & wash-down areas
  • Low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Power ā€“ 45w
Genus Cobra
Genus Cobra Grey