Pest Control for FliesĀ in London

It is a well known fact that flies pose a threat to health by transmitting disease. The minute hairs on their legs and feet pick up and retain bacteria.

Open windows and doors are a direct invitation to flying insects, which are attracted to the premises by the smell of food, warmth, and sometimes light. Once inside the flies leave dirty marks, which stain light fittings and window frames. However, of most concern, is the fact that they are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, and can contaminate food products with their eggs, larvae and bacteria, causing at the very least client complaints.

Albany offers a range of fly pest control services and products to protect your premises against flying insect pests.

Albany insect screens are the first line of pest control defence against the health hazard of flies. They are an effective barrier to flying insects, but at the same time allow satisfactory ventilation and maintain daylight. All screens are designed individually for each window/door, to ensure a perfect fit. The individual design also ensures easy access to the window/door, allowing the window/door to be opened, closed and cleaned.

Albany Electronic Fly Control Units.
Due to increasing concerns over the risk of contamination of insect fragmentation from high voltage insect light taps (known as zappers), Albany is turning more and more clients to using glueboard units. Our units employ glueboards to hygienically retain and trap flying insects until they can be disposed of at a safe convnient time. The translucent trap utilises patented translucent technology to improve the efficiency of catch. Rather than just pushing UV light out of the front as traditional units do, the properties of our units refract and disperse UV light over a wider area improving efficiency greatly.

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