Albany Environmental Extreme Riddance Division

Controlling any pest species is rarely an exact science. Although each species have their own genetic behavioral ‘script’, the art of control understands how they adapt their behavior to suit their current environment.

Albany Ltd are continually called into ‘extreme’ pest infestations, our instructions are to resolve the Clients problems at all costs, this is normally when our competitors have failed.
Pest control has become a huge industry in the UK. Unfortunately a considerable number of Companies, literally do not know what they are doing.

Many Competitors field Staff are both ill-equipped and unknowledgeable, we see these operations as a liability, however due to lax legislation they are allowed to operate relatively un-checked.

Albany Ltd are frequently asked to appear on Television and Radio, we have recently declined an offer from Channel 4. Our reasons are simple, we do not wish to reveal our trade secrets, many of which have taken us years to develop, as a Company we prefer to stay off the radar.

With pest infestation levels reaching the highest ever recorded, the need for our expertise is in more demand than ever. All of our technicians come highly trained, only one in five who apply to us are accepted.

Due to high demand Albany have now incorporated an “Extreme Riddance Division”, their purpose.
• To resolve any pest infestation, no matter the severity.
• To provide a money back guarantee for all their work.
• To have achieved the highest levels of training.
• To have experienced working in the most extreme conditions, drains, confined space, dead space and other high risk environments.
• To operate and manage ERD (Exclude, Restrict, Destroy) protocol.
• To implement practices normally deemed too ‘intrusive or high-risk’, whilst maintaining strict diligence and observing Health and Safety guidelines.
• To exceed all expectations.

British Pest Control Association Member
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