How Heatwave Works

It is a “non-pressured” thermal process which is contained within a geodesic polyhedron capsule, ensuring targeted temperatures are achieved.

Heatwave provides treatment with high efficacy, reduced or no pesticide in some cases without causing any structural damage.

Its application for infestation management applies to insects such as:

Description Kill Tempurature Kill Time
External of Fabric
Argentine Ants 54.5°C 7 Mins
Bed Bugs 56°C 1 Hour
Bed Bug Nymphs 56°C 15 Mins
Beetle Larvae 52°C 2-4 Hours
Body Lice 56°C 30 Mins
Confused Flour Beetle 56°C 30 Mins
Dust Mite (feaces) 60°C 1 Hour
Flour Moth 56°C 30 Mins
Flour Moth Larvae 56°C 1 Hour
Fruit Fly 56°C 30 Mins
German Cockroach 54.5°C 7 Mins
Merchant Grain Beetle 56°C 30 Mins
Red Backed spider 56°C 30 Mins
Internal of Fabric
Death Watch Beetle 54.5°C 2.5 Hours
Furniture Beetle 54.5°C 2.5 Hours
Termite 54.5°C 6 Mins


The Treatment Cycle
Site Assessment A Heatwave qualified engineer, assess your individual needs, and provides a treatment plan
Site Mobilisation A helpful expert, sets about clearing the area where the treatment process will take place. Removing items and ensuring sign off
Heatwave Process Initialised Pre-Heatwave inspection carried out, heatwave target temperature set and initialised
Thermal Moderation All external doors and windows to be kept closed, allowing rehydration for strip down time. Room then vented after Heatwave is packed for rapid temperature moderation
Site Exfiltration Targeted use of pesticide to surrounding area, with Heatwave report provided Room, area, location can be back online within the day for immediate use
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