The Benefits of Heatwave

New legislation is now depleting the armoury of products available to Pest Control Companies and reducing the potency of others. It is now becoming apparent that some strains of the insect species have become resistant to these newer products, and are now physically capable of surviving an application.

This then is where the knowledge of insect comfort zones becomes relative, if what would appear to be a growing imbalance of Insect activity is to be brought under control.
A recent development in the application of heat, which applies the principle of Physics as opposed to that of Chemistry, is now proving to be an Environmentally friendly and acceptable alternative.

Benefits of Heatwave

  • Disruption minimised. High efficacy, one process
  • Non-toxic capability. Quick re-entry times, limited residue
  • Cost saving. Minimise disposal costs, matteress, headboards etc
  • Time saving. Synchronised treatments save valuable time
  • Quality Assured. Trained specialists
  • Reputation protection. Faster resolutions on infestations

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